Welcome to the Club! 

We are here to bring a little less stress and a little more calm to your life. Our entire goal is to help people carve out a few moments of peace and give yourself a break! We have created this little club to help all of us simmer down and relax! 

What you can expect from these bi-weekly emails include:

  1. Our newest creations, flavors, and launches. 
  2. The best ways to brew!
  3. Be a part of our monthly book club.
  4. Invites and announcements on in person events and cozy tea parties.
  5. Recipes that you can make along side your daily sips.
  6. Random stories and facts about tea that you would never know. 

We also want to connect a little more via email because it is more personal to us. It seems like a two way street and we absolutely want to hear from you in our inbox! 

Take a break and dive head first into a world of fun, friendship and a shared passion for cultivating more peace… and drinking herbal tea!

We are so happy you're here,

-Abi an Em